Living with a disability can be overwhelming even on the best of days, and although there are many laws in place to protect Americans from being  discriminated against in the workplace, unfortunately, it still happens. It can be difficult for individuals with a disability to find gainful employment in the field they want to work in, which is why many people are opting to start their own business. 

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So you’re planning on having a child — congratulations! As a person who has lived with a disability, you already have a metaphorical leg up on other soon-to-be parents. Getting around in a world that isn’t made for your convenience takes resilience and adaptability — two key character traits that will help you be the best parent you can be. 

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Elder abuse is an unfortunately prominent issue—and financial abuse is one of the most common of attacks. If you’re a caregiver, professionally or not, you may have realized that your patient or loved one is vulnerable to financial abuse. Whether it is from phone call scams that are too good to be true or inability to navigate today’s common financial systems, seniors are vulnerable to myriad challenges. While it’s always best to rely on a trusted financial advisor, oftentimes caregivers find themselves in the role of financial advisor mediator and translator, especially since you see and interact with them on a daily basis.

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